Prompt, trustworthy, dependable are words that come to mind when I think of the Emerald Builders.  They do all the work themselves, which is so reassuring.  You don’t have several different workers coming in and out of your house.  Brian and Martin always show up when they say they will be there.  You can trust them which means you do not have to be home all the time watching over them.  They clean up after a days work so you do not have big messes to clean up. It is a good feeling when you ask them “Can you do this or that” and then they carefully look over the situation and sure enough they say “yes”.   We got several estimates from different builders to finish our basement.  All the estimates were close to each other, but we contracted with the Emerald Builders. One reason was because my husband had to go to work and asked them to come with the final estimate at 6:00am.  They were there right on time.  They had everything spelled out and there were no hidden costs. The result, we have a beautiful finished basement including a wood floor, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and beautiful built in bookcases.  They get 5 stars from us.

Mary Lou and Joe
Basement Remodel, Palos Heights
Emerald Builders completed a renovation of our master bathroom and first floor powder room  last fall.  We have lived in our house for 20 years and this was our first attempt at remodeling.  We were quite apprehensive about how the bathroom would look when complete and also what the final cost would be.
Emerald Builders (Brian and Martin) held our hand throughout the planning process.    They provided a detailed estimate of what the cost would be and guided us with the various decisions we had to make regarding materials, fixtures, etc.    Throughout this entire process they were very patient and professional at all times, always making themselves available to answer questions and provide advice.
We are extremely pleased with our new master bathroom and powder room.  The work was done in a professional manner and with the highest quality.   Emerald Builders kept us informed at all times of how the project was progressing.  There were no surprises in the cost or schedule.  They kept our house remarkably clean for all the work they did.   They demonstrated to us the highest level of integrity.
We would not hesitate to use Emerald Builders for additional remodeling in our home and would strongly recommend them to anyone considering any renovations or additions to their home.

Bill and Susan
Master Bath Remodel, Downers Grove
Before deciding to use Emerald Builders to add on and remodel out kitchen, we had talked with numerous large and small companies.  It was not until we sat down and talked with Brian and Martin that we finally had full confidence in a builder.  As with anyone else looking at a construction project, we had fears of what was going to happen, how things would work out, how long it was going to take, and how were we going to function without a major room of our house.
We can honestly say working with Emerald Builders will help relieve those fears. They sit down with you and work step by step helping you choose the right plans for your project. During this process they gave us a detailed breakdown of the cost of the project and that price did not change once the project was completed. When it comes to choosing lighting, flooring, cabinetry and paint, they give you great suggestions not only on businesses to work with, but also on the styles and materials that may suit your likes and budget. Since they do not sub-contract out any of the work, they are able to stay on their timeline and you also know that they you are going to have an excellent finished product since they take pride in their work, no matter how small.
My husband and I had a pretty good idea of what we wanted when we added onto our kitchen but there was still so many more details that we did not even think of. They helped us with that and answered all our questions. They always listened to what we said and guided us through the process. They made sure they worked around your schedule.  I feel having a company like Emerald Builders that works only for you until the job is done is a huge sense of relief.  They gave us a completion date along with a daily timeline for our project and they met it. Everyone knows how important it is to have your kitchen available to you especially when you have children. Brian and Martin knew my reservations with the tearing down of my old kitchen and the mess I would have to deal with. They sealed off areas that needed to be and made sure they cleaned up everyday after themselves.
Having the knowledge and craftsmanship that they do shows in all their jobs. They take pride in their work so in the end you have what you envisioned for your home.

Mike & Debbie
Kitchen Addition & Remodel, Frankfort